Wednesday, 9 December 2015

My Top Five Lipsticks // BLOGMAS DAY NINE

I was reminded how much I love actually using my camera when I took these photos, I always forget how beautiful my 50mm lens is. Today I thought I would do a little write up of my top five lipsticks that are wearable throughout the festive season, although I have to admit I wear these all year round. They are all pretty budget friendly except for the Nars Lip Pencil and even that isn't too bad price wise! 

First up is Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in the shade Cruella. This is just gorgeous! Lip pencil's are my favourite type of lip product as they are fool proof and so easy to apply. This pencil lasts really well without the need to reapply. I haven't tested it whilst eating though so I'm not too sure how it would hold up against that. It isn't drying on the lips which is a worry with some matte shades however for £19 I wouldn't expect it to dry my lips. 

Next is a blogger favourite, Rimmel Kate Moss 107. Again it is another matte shade which I think has got to be my favourite finish. I just love this lipstick, it is probably my go-to shade for any occasion! I probably need to repurchase it again soon as it is nearly at the end which just goes to show how much I really love it. For £5.49 this really is a great lipstick and one I think everyone should own! This is a really similar colour to Cruella so if you are looking for a dupe this is a pretty good match, Cruella is slightly more red and the 107 a bit more pink. This is how I justify having both!

Third is Maybelline Colour Drama in the shade Light It Up which only costs £4.99 and is frequently on a 3 for 2 deal in Boots! I love this colour so much that I actually wore it on my graduation day. It is a true red shade and again in the lip pencil format so great for easy application. As it is a pencil you just need to sharpen it to get more product when it runs down. This is one of my most reached for colours for a night out as it is quite small and easy to throw in a clutch bag without worrying about the lid popping off. 

The next two are Collection offerings. I've found that Collection is such a cheap brand but is really surprising with the quality of their products. The Lip Butter is actually my most recent purchase and was only £2.99 which is why I felt no guilt in picking it up! I bought the shade Perfect Plum, which again is similar to other products that I have however this is not matte. As it is a butter it is moisturising on the lips however it does mean that it wears away quite quickly and I need to reapply more often that other products. I wouldn't recommend wearing this out to eat as you will probably end up with lipstick all over your face which is not a good look. However I still do really love the colour of this and for less than £3 you can't really go wrong. 

Last of all is actually a lipstick I won in a huge twitter giveaway a couple of years ago. It is the Collection Volume Sensation lipstick in the shade Cherry Pop which again is £2.99. It is sold in black packaging now though not the bright pink. This is a really lovely shade which isn't drying on the lips. It is almost matte which as I have said is my favourite finish so is a winner in my books. It is easy to apply and really affordable. Some of the other shades in the line were discontinued so I'm really glad they kept this one as when I run out I will be sure to repurchase!

So there you have it, my top five lipsticks for the festive season. Do you own any of the ones I have mentioned? What is your favourite lipstick, let me know in the comments section!

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