Sunday, 13 December 2015

Christmas Eve Pyjamas Wishlist // BLOGMAS DAY THIRTEEN

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Everyone loves new pyjamas at Christmas time. I have seen a lot of people write about their Christmas Eve tradition of opening a present and it being new pyjamas. This isn't something that my family do, although I do love new pyjamas at any time of the year and Christmas ones are just that little bit better. I thought I would pick out 8 pairs that I love that are quite festive to give you some Christmas Eve pyjama inspiration!

The first ones and the third ones I really like because they come with a cute little eye mask as well as the warm fluffy jumper style top and cuffed bottoms. I do prefer my pyjamas to be cuffed at the bottom of the leg as I am really short and tend to trip over the legs if they are loose like number eight! I think you can see my love of grey has really come through in this wishlist and my favourite pair has to be the 'bah humbug' ones from George at Asda! I love the little mint pattern on the sleeves and trousers and they are quite Christmassy without being too in your face with reindeer's and Santa (although I do love that too).

The Grinch ones made my way onto the list because I think my sister would love them! Although I don't think she would quite appreciate having 'naughty' written across her front. I don't tend to wear short pyjamas to bed because I get cold really easily, even when I visited Greece last year I wore long pyjama bottoms to bed, however I think these are a great option for those who may not ever feel the cold (i.e. my sister).

I love the look of all the fleecey pyjamas in the list and think these would be perfect for early Christmas morning as it is usually quite cold first thing before the heating has had chance to warm up. I also think these would be perfect for lounging around the house in as they are like wearing pyjamas and a dressing gown in one.

Which is your favourite pair out of the ones I have chosen? Do you get new pyjamas every Christmas? Let me know in the comments section below!

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