Friday, 4 December 2015

My Christmas Wishlist // BLOGMAS DAY FOUR


I've put together a small wishlist of things I would like to receive this year for Christmas. This is not necessarily things I would like people to buy me (although that would be nice) it's also things I might treat myself to this festive season! There are a few bigger things on there but mostly just smaller bits that aren't too expensive!

I've loved the Instax Mini 8 camera's since I first saw them cropping up on peoples Instagrams! I did try to buy one in August this year but the shop I went to only had purple and I really do want the blue one! This would look lovely on my shelves as well as being such a fun way to take photos. 

I smelt the Christmas Eve candle in Boots the other day and it went straight to the top of my shopping list, however the only size they had at the time was the large £21.99 candle and I do not have that money to spend on myself at the moment. Also how heavy would that have been to carry round!

Although I don't NEED new straighteners (the GHD's I've had for 6 years are still going strong) I do love the look of these, they look so much nicer than the ones I currently own! The last time I had my hair done the hairdresser used these on my hair and curled it and it looked and felt so nice. Hopefully I will pick these up at some point.

Next up are the two sets of Real Techniques brushes. I've been lusting after the purple eye brushes for some time now as I have hardly any and I've heard such great things. I already own the blush brush, stippling brush and expert face brush by Real Techniques and I love them. I use the blush brush and expert face brush every single day. 

This Christmas jumper from New Look is so ugly and I love it! It reminds me of a jumper I had when I was about 6. I need it for sure. Also it has reindeers on, who doesn't love reindeers at this time of year!

This Flamingo candle just looks gorgeous! I have yet to try anything by this brand but I have only ever seen good things written online, also it would match my living room. Do I even need another reason?

Last of all is some pajamas. Everyone needs new pajamas at Christmas. It's like an unwritten rule and these from Dorothy Perkins are lovely! I normally don't go for tartan but I just love the look of these and Dorothy Perkins pajamas are a really good quality!

So there you have it, my Christmas wishlist. What is on your list this Christmas? Do you own any of the things I have mentioned? Let me know in the comments section below!

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