Thursday, 30 October 2014

100 Facts About Me

So in my 25 Things To Do This Summer post (and also my 101 in 1001 list) I stated I wanted to write 100 facts about me and publish that on the blog. This is something that I have struggled with as 100 things is quite a lot! Today’s post is going to be those 100 things. I’m keeping the introduction brief as this is going to be quite a long post, here goes.

  1. I have never fallen over whilst ice skating. One time I collided with my friend and thought we would both fall but I stayed upright and he managed to do some sort of flip and land on his feet. I wish we’d caught it on camera.
  2. I love my Dwarf Hamster, Humbug, more than anything. He’s got the cutest little face and I just love him.
  3. I dressed up as a ghost every year for Halloween when I was small, I painted my face white, wore a white cardigan and white skirt. I carried a white teddy too. Once someone asked if I was a snow queen and I was so upset.
  4. I love musicals. I want to see all the ones I can in London at the West End. Wicked will always hold a special place in my heart as the first (and so far only) one I’ve seen there.
  5. My favourite colours are blue and grey, as you can probably tell from my blog colour theme. When I have my own flat/house, these colours will be the theme of my living room. Probably with grey running through the whole flat/house with a different colour accompanying it in each different room.
  6. My dream job is to be a child psychologist but I’ve really messed that up for myself so I really don’t know what I want from my future.
  7. People that say ‘brought’ when they mean ‘bought’ and ‘women’ when they mean ‘woman’ will literally be the death of me. I cannot deal with it. Also people (Jordan) who say ‘renember’ no, just no.
  8. If I could spend my life in one place, it would be a tropical beach somewhere looking out to sea with a book in one hand and cocktail in the other. I blame my holiday to Thassos, Greece for this.
  9. I want to travel everywhere I can. I want to see the beaches of as many different countries as I can.
  10. My favourite food is a cheese toastie. But only with brown bread and only if I make it myself. I’m a very fussy eater and have some sort of fear(?) of eating a ham sandwich on white bread. I can’t think of anything worse.
  11. I hate being on my own, however, I often feel like I can’t get things done with people around.
  12. My favourite part about baking is the icing.
  13. I have an obsessive personality. I get really into something and do it constantly until I find something else to obsess over. At the minute my obsession is fresh orange juice and lemonade.
  14. I’m also obsessing over youtube at the moment. I’m contemplating starting a channel to go alongside my blog but I don’t think I will ever do it.
  15. Shopping for home stuff is my favourite thing. I love candles and decorative items.
  16. I’m terrified of the dark. Also going past windows at night.
  17. I feel a bit sick when people let animals on their beds.
  18. My favourite job at work is sweeping the floor. I also really enjoy mopping (but I don’t do this at work). I shouldn’t really sweep the floor either as it’s the cleaner’s job, not mine, but sometimes I just can’t help it.
  19. French films are my favourite films.
  20. I think Lie To Me is my favourite TV show. Everyone should watch it.
  21. I don’t like feeling ‘restricted’ when I’m sleeping. If the duvet is tucked somewhere you can bet anything I will pull it free. This annoys Jordan as it means he can never be cosy.
  22. I love pick n mix. The gummy worms are my favourites.
  23. I’m not religious at all. I have been baptized catholic though but I have no belief in it whatsoever.
  24. I love everything about Christmas. I love Christmas shopping and buying things for people and I love wearing big jumpers and my leggings and slippers. The actual day has lost a lot of its magic now I’m older though.
  25. I can’t wait to have my own children and see the magic of Christmas through them.
  26. I can cook a pretty mean risotto, but that’s about all I can cook.
  27. I have one older brother (23), one younger sister (18) and a younger brother (14) all who you can see in this post.
  28. The word svelte makes me laugh, how do you even pronounce that? What does it even mean?
  29. One distinct memory from my childhood is being at the park with my cousins and one of them saving ‘what do you want to be when you grow up’ and my answer was ‘a tree climber’ and his response was ‘what, even when you’re all grown up, like 17, you want to climb trees?’. It still makes me laugh that we thought being 17 years old was ‘all grown up’.
  30. I still have the first ‘proper book’ I was given as a child. My Nana bought it for me as a ‘now you can read’ present. I have it here at University with me.
  31. I had chicken pox really badly when I was three years old. I couldn’t walk because they were all over the soles of my feet. They were also down my throat. I have scars all over my body from where they were.
  32. I had pneumonia when I was 2 and spent time in hospital. This is the reason I caught chicken pox so bad because my immune system hadn’t fully recovered.
  33. I hate mashed potato, and always have. When I was small my dad was feeding me in my highchair and I spat mashed potato all over him. He was not impressed and I still hate mash.
  34. I love bingo, although I’m too scared to shout if I win. I won once and didn’t shout and won another time and shouted so quietly they weren’t sure if anyone had called or not.
  35. I can never understand people who only sleep with one pillow. I have three and sometimes feel like I need more.
  36. My P.E shorts in school were aged 3-4 and were the same pair from when I was 3 to when I was 11.
  37. My work trousers I wear now are actually the black school trousers I’ve been wearing since I was 12.
  38. My three best friends are all way taller than me.
  39. I read 8 books in 10 days when I was on holiday in Greece. I haven’t read much since that though which needs to change.
  40. I love wearing dresses but I only have one casual one because everything is always the wrong length! Make more petite clothes please!
  41. I do not enjoy Game of Thrones. Much to the disappointment of everyone I speak to.
  42. I get VERY grumpy when I’m tired. You can usually tell it’s time for me to go to bed because full sentence replies will just stop. It’s one word or its nothing.
  43. I cannot speak in front of a group of people. If I have to, I lose the ability to read properly and stutter so anything I’m saying is just not understandable anyway. It’s quite painful to watch actually.
  44. I hate loud noises.
  45. I was the first girl born from my Mums side of the family. I have one older brother (mentioned above) and three older male cousins.
  46. When I wear my pyjamas I feel tiny.
  47. Looking back on school, most of my memories are from Maths. In terms of the social aspect, it was my favourite class.
  48. At GCSE I achieved nine B’s, one A and one C and I was (and still am) disappointed in this.
  49. My due date was my Dads 40th birthday, but I was born 25 days late on the 27th June 1993.
  50. I drink all my drinks through a straw, unless they are bottled.
  51. I hate Halloween. I don’t like people in costume. They freak me out. Especially clowns, why are they even a thing?
  52. I have a juicer so I can make fresh homemade juice. My favourite combination is watermelon, mango and granny smith apples. Yum!
  53. My current dream is to move to Brighton. I really don’t know why.
  54. My lucky number is 27 although I can’t actually remember a time it has ever been lucky for me.
  55. I love clothes shopping, but rarely find anything I actually like.
  56. I own two pairs of jeans, one needs badly replacing and the other one are too light to wear at the minute. Jeans never fit me properly.
  57. I can’t swim.
  58. I love hot chocolate, but only smart price hot chocolate and only if I’ve made it myself and have a ripple to dip in.
  59. I love horse riding but I’ve only been three times.
  60. I love lists.
  61. I have about 20 notebooks I’ve collected but I can’t bring myself to write in them and ‘spoil’ them. I may have a slight addiction to pretty notebooks.
  62. I only ever drink coffee when I’m at my parents’ house.
  63. When I was in primary school we had a Harry Potter themed fancy dress disco. My brother went as the Nimbus 2000 and I went as the Golden Snitch.  To make my costume my mum bought a balloon you could blow up to three feet and paper mache’d it, and then painted it gold. We stitched gold strings into the sleeves of a long sleeved black top so that when I put my arms out they looked like wings. I won first place but no one knew what I was.
  64. Also fancy dress related. At another fancy dress disco, this time Christmas themed, my sister went as a candle, I went as a chocolate coin and my little brother went as a door with a wreath on. Apparently this year my mum had bought us all really normal costumes (santa, angel, reindeer) but the day before the disco we decided we didn’t want to wear those and spent the evening making new costumes.
  65. When I went to see Man of Steel in the cinema, I fell asleep three times. It really was a boring and predictable film!
  66. I don’t tan, but I genuinely feel like my life would be better if I did.
  67. I have a lot of freckles thanks to my recent holiday. I really hate them.
  68. One day when I was about 16 I said ‘I’ve never been in an ambulance’. Literally just the next day, I had a fit and was taken to hospital in an ambulance alongside my little brother who had cut his arm open so badly he needed stitches. My parents thought I was messing around because I hate blood. The blood and the fit were unrelated.
  69. I’ve already named my future children.
  70. I don’t like ice cream, but I buy white chocolate magnums so I can eat the chocolate and then throw the ice cream away.
  71. I love going to theme parks but I hate rides that go upside down. The only one I can tolerate is Air at Alton Towers and this is only because my feet are secure and not dangling.
  72. Play fights will always turn aggressive. If you tickle me, I will get mad and I am not responsible for your injuries.
  73. So far it has taken me three days to get this far in the list.
  74. People who write ‘collage’ when they mean ‘college’ really annoy me.
  75. I love perfumes but I only own two as I don’t have the money to buy more at the minute! The two I have are Dot by Marc Jacobs and Flirty Alice by Vivienne Westwood.
  76. I cry every time I watch Don’t Tell The Bride. Every. Single. Time.
  77. I desperately want to own an iMac desktop computer. But the only reason for this is because they just look so pretty and neat!
  78. The exclamation mark (!) is my favourite piece of punctuation.
  79. I don’t like going in lifts (or elevators, whatever you call them). Especially if they are glass. No thank you.
  80. I don’t like being stuck in the house all day. If I have the day off and I do nothing with it, I might as well be at work!
  81. I really love tennis. But I can’t play properly, I just like running around the court hitting the ball to each other.
  82. The weather really affects my mood. If I wake up and it’s sunny, I want to get all dressed up in nice clothes and go out for the day, whereas if it’s raining I want to stay in my pyjamas and watch TV in bed.
  83. I visited Disneyland Paris when I was 14/15 with my family for one weekend in January. It was freezing cold but I really loved it. Even though I spent a lot of the time queueing for rides I wouldn’t get on. I want to go back in the warm and actually get on the rollercoasters!
  84. In my life I have had ballet, irish dancing, drumming, violin and basketball lessons and quit them all!
  85. I really wish I’d carried on with ballet though; I’d love to be able to dance!
  86. Billy Elliot is one of my all-time favourite films.
  87. I can’t paint my own toe nails. My sister does them for me when I go home to visit.
  88. I have only just started using Twitter this year. Before that, I didn’t really understand it.
  89. I always wanted to be a majorette and used to try and spin things like drumsticks through my fingers the same way majorettes did in parades.
  90. When I was little, I used to LOVE Westlife. My favourite was Shane, however I DID NOT like Mark and used to scratch his face out of photos and posters of them. It’s a little psychotic for a small child to do that really now that I think about it.
  91. I was named after Laura Ingalls. The girl behind Little House on the Prairie. My mum denies this and says I was named after my auntie, who is called Julie. I see through you mother.
  92. I can’t always work out the time on a 24 hour clock. If the clock says 20:23 and you ask me the time I will say ‘twenty twenty three’ and you’ll have to figure it out by yourself.
  93. I want a triple helix piercing but I think my ears stick out too much for it to look pretty.
  94. When I was at home from school ill I used to watch Extreme Makeover: Home Edition and wish I could have all the cool things in my house.
  95. I really dislike Jim Carrey.
  96. I also don’t find stupid humour funny.
  97. When I was in year three I got 149 out of 150 in a spelling test because I wrote ‘though’ instead of ‘through’. I think this will haunt me forever.
  98. I can’t sleep all night if I have an alarm set for the morning. I wake up regularly through the night panicking that I may have missed my alarm. I prefer to just not set one and risk it because at least that way I know I will have some sleep.
  99. I hate being late.
  100. When I was little we bought the house next door to ours to knock through and make our house bigger. I got a new bedroom and my mum asked what colour I wanted it painting. I said blue but wasn’t allowed because it was a ‘boy colour’ so my room was painted pink and purple. I hate pink.
There we go! 100 facts about me. I can’t actually believe how long this took me. I spent three days writing this list and it was so difficult! I hope you learnt something new and interesting. If you have written a similar post please send me the link on twitter (@xx_laurabeth) as I love reading them!


  1. Oh my goodness, I don't think I could cobble together 100 facts about myself! What a great insight into you and your life Laura. I'm not surprised it took 3 days to get your list sorted! Tx

    1. You should give it a try! It's surprising what you think of! There's still images I want to add, but i'll do that at a later date x

  2. Well done you for making it to 100! I wouldn't have been able to write 10 myself. I have to admit I am one of those people who let's the dogs on my bed as it calms them down and they keep me company.

    Dannie x


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