Sunday, 20 December 2015

Christmas Eve Yankee Candle // BLOGMAS DAY TWENTY


I wanted to talk to you today about this candle I received from my best friend as a Christmas present. We did Christmas early as I will be at my parents house in Leeds for Christmas and she will still be here in Staffordshire. This is the Christmas Eve candle by Yankee Candles which you can purchase here

I first saw this candle when I was in Boots looking at the Christmas gift sets when I was picking up the last few Christmas bits I needed. I knew my Cranberry Ice candle was running low and I wanted a new Christmas scent. I fell in love at first sniff however they only one they had available in Boots at the time was a huge jar that was around £22 and I just could not justify spending that much on myself when I still had things to buy for other people. Lucky for me though I received it anyway and when I sniffed it again after unwrapping it I was happy to see that I still love it! It's actually burning on my mantle piece as I write this.

Yankee Candle describes it as a 'traditional Christmas scent of warm hearths, sugared plums and candied fruits'. I think it smells fruity with a tiny hint of spice. I love fruity scents over really spicy ones but I think this one is the perfect mix of the two. I just really love it! Burning this has reminded me how much I love candles so I can see myself putting in a huge order on payday!

Do you have any Christmas scented candles? Do you prefer Christmas Eve or Cranberry Ice? Let me know in the comments section below!

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