Tuesday, 8 December 2015

10 Things I Love About The Festive Season // BLOGMAS DAY EIGHT

I've seen a lot of these posts flying around so I thought I would do my own and join in! I am going to list the 10 things I love the most about the festive season although I'm sure that I could go on forever! Here goes...

1) All the hot chocolates - I'm a bit of a weird one when it comes to hot chocolate though, I only like to drink the ASDA Smart Price one, which is good because its so so cheap but its not good because obviously only ASDA sells it. I will drink Costa though if I put about 10 sugars in it.
2) Wrapping presents - I've said this before and no doubt I will say it again, I like to think I'm a pro when it comes to wrapping presents but the reality of it is I'm probably average at best. I do love to stick on all the bows and curly ribbon though to make the presents look pretty!
3) Everyone seems happier - Is it just me or is happiness really contagious during Christmas? I love how the build up to Christmas just makes everyone seem happier and more willing to help! It is the season of goodwill after all.
4) Baking - Now I have my own kitchen I am planning on doing a lot more baking before Christmas! I have lots of things on my list but the things I am most excited to try make are truffles! If they go well then I might take some into work as a little Christmas treat for the people I work with!
5) Vlogmas - I love vlogmas videos. I love seeing what everyone gets up to at the best of times but when its things like decorating the Christmas tree or wrapping presents it is just ten times better!
6) Fairy lights - although these are acceptable any time of the year I love that there seems to be so much more choice to buy these during the Christmas period. Everything looks better lit by fairy lights, they are just so cosy! As you can see from the top image in the post, I've wrapped some around my bed frame and I just love how they look!
7) Home shopping - What I mean by this is buying things for my home, e.g. duvet sets, candles etc. Winter and Christmas means that all the home ware being sold is lovely. I always buy a new duvet set and I love to fill my home with candles. I've got my eye on Christmas Eve from Yankee Candle which I 100% need in my life! I also love all the cosy blankets you can buy at this time of year and the festive themed cushions.
8) New slippers and pyjamas - I know a lot of people buy new pyjamas for Christmas Eve but I like to buy them just for winter. At the minute I sleep in joggers that I bought from Primark and one of my boyfriends t-shirts so I am keeping my eyes peeled for new pyjamas! I also get new slippers every year for Christmas which I actually love. I always get ones that are like boots though as they are the only ones that stay on my feet.
9) Christmas markets - This is the second year in a row that I have been to the Birmingham German Markets and it just feels so festive and lovely! I have yet to try a mulled wine but I did have a mulled apple juice this year which was lovely. I'm hoping that I get the chance to go back to the markets this year before they are gone but it is hard when I work Monday-Friday and everyone else I know works weekends!
10) Board games - I love playing board games (not Monopoly, that game is awful) and they seem to be much more acceptable at this time of the year. No one really wants to sit down for a good old game of Scrabble at any other time than Christmas! I love Trivial Pursuit the best I think!

So there you have it, 10 things I love about the festive season! What things do you love about this time of year? Let me know in the comments section below!

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