Sunday, 20 July 2014

25 Things To Do This Summer

Floating around the blogosphere is a new tag – ’25 things to do this summer’. I’ve seen this featured on Gemma’s blog Sunshine On A Cloudy Day and Beth’s blog Bethany Worrall and although I haven’t exactly been tagged myself, it’s something I really wanted to take part in. So here goes. My 25 things to do this summer are:

1) Finish writing my diary of my holiday to Thassos and create a scrapbook to go with it.
2) Have a girl’s night with my friends either in town or at my house when I move in.
3) Go to Alton Towers with Jordan, Shan and Sam
4) Get my hair cut
5) Spend the day with my mum
6) Have a games night with Jordan
7) Make a list of 100 facts about me (and publish here)
8) Go swimming
9) Visit Wales for the day and explore a new place
10) Revisit Warwick Castle on a sunny day and take better photo’s
11) Have a weekend away (maybe York?)
12) Spend a day baking and decorating buns!
13)Buy a slow cooker
14) Go for a picnic in the park
15) Feed the ducks
16) Go shopping in London
17) Read at least 10 books
18) Buy a play pen for my Russian Dwarf Hamster Humbug
19) Go on a few bike rides with Jordan
20) Plan/book our New Year’s holiday
21) Plan/book our Christmas shopping trip to Liverpool
22) Learn to cook something new
23) Hold a giveaway on my blog
24) Start my savings again
25) Organise my new bedroom!

You may recognise some of these things from my 101 in 1001 list, but what better time to tick some off than this summer? Have you written a list? I’m not going to tag anyone since I wasn’t tagged myself but if you want to get involved then please do!

Also, check out my post on raising awareness for the Alzheimer’s Society and see if you can help!

Thursday, 17 July 2014

My Favourite Memories - The Alzheimers Society

Today I was asked by a friend to share a photo on Facebook related to one of my favourite memories and accompany that picture with the caption:

‘’To help lead the fight against dementia, to end the distress it causes, take action and raise awareness and money for Alzheimer's Society. The idea is to post a picture related to one of your favourite memories and make a donation by texting 'ASFM90' followed by the amount to 70070. So for example: ASFM90 £2’

I thought to myself ‘why stick to Facebook? Why not blog about it too?’ So that’s what this post is going to be about, my favourite memories and the intention of raising awareness and funds for a charity close to my heart!

I have seen someone close to me go through the stages of dementia and have seen how it affects every aspect of their lives, from simple things like forgetting your cup of tea to more advanced stages such as forgetting how to walk/talk/feed yourself. It is truly a horrific thing for any person to go through. In my case, my nana forgot who I was and actually thought I was her sister (her sister as a child that is) and used to frequently ask me what I had done to my hair as it was ‘different to normal’. Sadly my nana passed away about 3 years ago and by this time she lived in a home and required a lot of care.

However, this post is about my favourite memories photo’s that are related to those memories so first up we have this photo that was taken a few days ago of my two brothers, my sister and me. This photo was taken by my dad in my kitchen and isn’t exactly related to a specific memory but it does remind me of all the fun things we have done as a family such as days out, games nights and Christmases. Believe it or not, the giant at the back is the youngest at only 14 but dwarfs us all!

 Second we have this photo I took on my recent holiday to Thassos, Greece (more photo’s here). This is such a good memory because it’s the first time I’ve been on holiday by myself and also the first time I have ever been on an aeroplane! The whole flying aspect of going on holiday really blew my mind. Being above the clouds was such a surreal experience I don’t think I’ll ever forget it! The holiday itself was amazing, I celebrated my 21st birthday in another country and spent 2 weeks by the sea, it was gorgeous.

The last memory I am going to talk about is the time my sister visited me at university and we went to the karaoke night at the SU bar. This is one of my favourite memories because it was lovely to see my sister come out of her shell a bit more and have a first-hand experience of what university is like before she starts in September.

What are your favourite memories? Share them in the comments section below and if you write a similar blogpost then send me the link so I can read them too! Don’t forget to donate to The Alzheimer's Society by texting 'ASFM90' followed by the amount to 70070. So for example: ASFM90 £2’

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Thassos 2014

So as you may have noticed, I have not posted in a while! This is because I was away on holiday to Thassos, a small northern Greek island. It was absolutely gorgeous and today I am sharing with you a few of the photo's I like the best from a photography stand point. I am planning on sharing other photo's in the future of certain days out etc. so look forward to those! This is a very photo heavy post so i'm keeping the writing short. 

Let me know what you thought of the photo's in the comments section! Which one is your favourite? Have you ever visited the island? Would you like to?