Thursday, 24 April 2014

Experimental Film

Today is a new kind of post. I’m not sure which category exactly to put this one in so let’s just make a new one and I’ll tag it as film. I am a university student in my second year of studying film so it’s a subject I like to talk about and write about and I thought why not incorporate the films I create into the blog I love writing. Two loves in one place. Why not? So today I am sharing the experimental film I created with a girl in my class.

The idea came from thinking about Carnivals and the colours they involve as it is always quite a bright happy place that people enjoy taking part in and watching. I then thought if you flip this on it’s head with some of the ideas intact what do you get? I took the aspect of the many different colours and the idea of masks and came up with this.

The edit style is where we experimented with different things, I really wanted to use the slow motion effect since I found out my camera could shoot in 50fps (frames per second) so we tried this along with reversing some footage. We also sped some parts up to give the impression of a really mixed up character. 

I’m really pleased with the final edit overall and am anxiously waiting to hear the final grade. What do you think of the film? Do you enjoy posts like this? Give me feedback in the comments section below.

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