Wednesday, 1 October 2014

October Blogging Goals

Like everyone says at the start of a new month, I actually cannot believe we are in October already! Although it seems ages away since I went on holiday, it doesn’t seem two minutes since I was writing my September blogging goals and that was a whole month ago! This month is the month I start my Christmas shopping, with only 3 days to go till the big day I want to feel more in control of my money and more prepared this year. Anyway, onto the main purpose of today’s post, how did I get on with last month’s goals and what are my goals for this month.

September Goals
  • Post two posts a week – I posted 5 posts last month so not quite 2 posts a week but I am happy with that. I felt very on top of things in the first week or two and then blogging slipped to the back of my mind due to FYP and Dissertation related stress.
  • Post two day trip posts – This one failed. I did however go on one day trip to Milton Keynes and I took some photo’s so expect a post relating to this!
  • Post two more wish lists – Again, another fail but this is because I haven’t been wishing for anything (other than a holiday) as I have had a bit more money this month and anything I have wanted I have just bought myself. I need to learn some restraint!
  • Finish my university mini-series – I feel like this is finished as much as it can be as the timing of the posts wasn’t fantastic on my part. I have posted three posts which you can find here, here and here if you fancy a read!
  • Comment on more blogs – This has been a success! I have commented on a lot more blogs than I normally do and have found a lot more blogs I love through doing so.

So all in all, I failed two goals and succeeded on two and feel okay about one. I’m taking that as a success. With these things in mind, my goals for the month ahead are:

October Goals
  • Post two day trip posts – I will write up my Milton Keynes post and publish that and I am also hoping to visit another new place so this month so I will write that up too.
  • Post a NOTD (nails of the day) post every Monday – I know I will always have Monday’s off work so this is the perfect time to paint my nails and also is a start of the week pick me up. Is there anything better than freshly painted nails?
  • Finish my 100 Facts About Me list and publish it! – This post is part of my 101 in 1001 and has been in my drafts for the past two months. All I need is to add more images and then it can go live!
  • Comment on more blogs – This is probably going to be a goal for every month as it feels great to give comments and I know it’s lovely to receive them, so with this goal I am hoping to spread some positivity through the blogging world.

Those are my goals for October. You may notice I haven’t specified a ‘post X times a week’ goal this month as I get too focussed on the numbers and feel bad about my blog when I do not meet this goal. The whole point of making these goals is to improve my blog each month and feel happier with where it is going and if I am feeling negative about certain goals then it is not helping.

What are your goals this month? Let me know in the comments section below!


  1. Lovely post idea! I really want to comment on more blogs too this month, there's just so many fantastic blogs, so little time! x

    1. I completely agree! But I always feel loads better when I comment on other blogs as I know how lovely it is to receive comments! x

  2. Great goals - I am sure you will achieve them now you have set your mind to it :-)

  3. I love this idea of having a plan for what you want to do.


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