Sunday, 12 July 2015

Graduation 2015

So this week has been a bit different to any normal working week as on Friday 10th July I graduated from Staffordshire University. I went into graduation with a bit of a negative attitude as I did not get the degree classification I wanted or know I am capable of and due to that felt like the last few years have been a huge waste of my time and money. However, on the day I got myself dressed up and put on my lipstick and set off with my parents and boyfriend to Trentham Gardens, Stoke-on-Trent for my graduation ceremony. 

When I collected my gown and hat (mortarboard?) I felt really really silly. I was a little embarrassed and just couldn't wait to take it off, however when my parents saw me and started snapping photo's and my mum saying how proud she was of me I realised that although I felt negative about the whole thing, the experience was not just mine but my family's too. I am the first of my brothers and sister to graduate and the day for me was more about my parents and the experience as a family and I forgot about the negativity I was feeling and really started to enjoy myself. 

When it was my turn to walk across the stage and shake the hand of the Vice Chancellor of my University I felt so nervous. Being stood in front of crowds is really not my thing but I looked out into the crowd and saw my dad taking photo's, my mum cheering and waving and my boyfriend clapping and I felt fine. I waved back and exited the stage feeling pretty pleased with myself. I did not trip. I did not fall. And I did not embarrass myself. Success!

After everyone had had their turn walking across the stage we listened to a few more speeches and then came the time to throw our hats in the air! I lost mine and the person next to me got hit in the face with one and had blood dripping down his cheek but it was a memorable experience. After this all the graduates walked row by row out of the ceremony tent and into the next tent where there was food. The walk way was lined my Student Ambassadors and lecturers applauding as we walked which felt lovely! My head of course congratulated me for making it this far as during my second year we had a meeting about me wanting to leave the course but I continued and came away with a degree. 

You can now all call me Laura Humphrey BSc (Hons) as I know have a Bachelor of Science Degree with Honours in Film Production Technology. Although I don't see myself using my degree in the future I have gained a lot of life experience and now know I am capable of standing on my own two feet, working full time and living 120 miles away from my family.


  1. Congratulations on graduating! its such a brilliant achievement :)

  2. Congratulations on graduating and throwing of your hats sounds terrifying, I can't believe someone got cut in the face!

    Good luck with whatever you do in the future!

    Georgia x

    Georgia Petite


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