Thursday, 4 September 2014

25 Things To Do This Summer REVISED

So, the start of September signals the end of summer to me, although I personally felt summer had ended way back at the start of August this year. I think this was due to my holiday at the start of July and then feeling like I was running out of time until university started again. But now I know I’m running out of time and I don’t really know how to feel about it. But anyway, today I will be re-posting my 25 things to dothis summer list and crossing out the ones I accomplished.

1) Finish writing my diary of my holiday to Thassos and create a scrapbook to go with it.
2) Have a girl’s night with my friends either in town or at my house when I move in.
3) Go to Alton Towers with Jordan, Shan and Sam
4) Get my hair cut
5) Spend the day with my mum
6) Have a games night with Jordan
7) Make a list of 100 facts about me (and publish here) The post is in my drafts waiting for photo's.
8) Go swimming
9) Visit Wales for the day and explore a new place
10) Revisit Warwick Castle on a sunny day and take better photo’s
11) Have a weekend away (maybe York?)
12) Spend a day baking and decorating buns!
13)Buy a slow cooker
14) Go for a picnic in the park
15) Feed the ducks
16) Go shopping in London
17) Read at least 10 books
18) Buy a play pen for my Russian Dwarf Hamster Humbug
19) Go on a few bike rides with Jordan
20) Plan/book our New Year’s holiday
21) Plan/book our Christmas shopping trip to Liverpool
22) Learn to cook something new
23) Hold a giveaway on my blog
24) Start my savings again
25) Organise my new bedroom!

So out of 25 I managed to complete 4 things. That is really not very good at all. I have had well over a month to complete this list and I know it isn’t a serious list that I had to religiously stick to, but seeing how little I managed to do compared to what I wanted to achieve has made me think I have wasted my summer a little bit. I have been working quite a lot recently so that could explain it and I haven’t had very much money to live off but I could have easily organised my new bedroom or had a games night as both those things are free.

Did you manage to do everything you wanted to this summer? Did you make a list of things you wanted to do? If you did, leave a link below and let me know how you got on!


  1. That's a great idea for a post! Thank you Laura. I think I'll rob your idea, then aim for 5 on my list!
    I'd fancy number nine... wales.

    1. Thanks! I'm planning on doing an autumn version too!


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