Friday, 1 August 2014

August Blogging Goals

I think it’s important to have goals in different aspects of your life. It gives you something to work towards and a sense of achievement when you reach these goals. My blog has been a bit hit and miss recently with whether or not posts go live. I posted three times in the month of July and only once in June which is a far cry from what I wanted the numbers to be. With this in mind I have set up some goals for myself for the blogging month ahead.

Post 2 outfit of the day’s (OOTD) – this is an idea I have been toying with for a while. I love looking at people’s OOTDs and always want to join in myself but feel like I don’t wear nice enough clothes or I’m not fashionable enough. However, August is the month I am going to get over that and post two! Especially since I will have a garden to take pictures in.

Post two posts a week – in my 101in 1001 post I specified that I would like to post 4 times a week for a month but I feel like that is too much pressure for me right now so my aim is for 2.

Post three day trip posts – In my 25 things to do this summer post I wrote about how I would like to visit some new places and revisit some places I have already been when the weather gets nicer. I love exploring new places and I love writing about them here on my blog. Bearing in mind I am back to work on Sunday (the 3rd August) I am hoping to fit in some days out this month.

Post more nail art – When I first started blogging my main goal was to document my journey in nail art to see how I improved over time. This has slipped significantly since I restarted my blog to add in other areas I wanted to write about. However I still love painting my nails and need to find time for it again.

I think four goals are enough for this month as I do not want to put too much pressure on myself and take the fun out of blogging. I’m hoping to meet all four goals and will do a round up post at the end of the month to assess how I did.

Do you think goals are important? Do you set goals for yourself in blogging or in life? If you have, leave me your links below so I can read your goals for the month ahead!


  1. I don't set goals, but I'd like to. I hope it goes well for you.

  2. Hello Laura,

    I am trying to blog more too. I nearly didn't blog for a year until June this year. I am trying to achieve something with my blog and little steps will get me there. In Life? Goals are so important, you need to have goals. Large goals, small goals... Little goals every day. Goals are what make us breath.

    1. Hey Nadine,
      It's a struggle to get back into it after having such a long break isn't it! I felt completely unmotivated and removed all my old posts and just started again. It's all about achievable goals x

  3. I like the sound of these goals :) my goal at the moment is to comment on more blogs as it is a win win for everyone :)

    Danniella x


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