Monday, 9 June 2014

Holiday Shoes Haul!

So I showed you my holiday clothes haul and now I am finally back with my holiday shoes haul! I go away in just 13 short days and today is the day I bought the sandals I am taking away with me. All four pairs of shoes I am showing you today are from New Look (as was most things in my holiday clothes haul post too). I think I have a slight obsession but everything is just so cheap it's easy to buy everything from there!

First up are these pumps. I was assured that white was the colour to go for when going on holiday but i'm sure this is just so your legs look more tanned! Unfortunately for me, I do not tan, just burn so the white shoes will not work there magic on my legs. These are super comfy and perfect for days when I will be doing a lot of walking!

New Look - White Lace Up Sports Plimsolls £7.99

Next up we have some white lacy Hi Tops. I LOVE these! They are so so so pretty! And again, super comfy and perfect for days when we are adventuring around the Island of Thassos. We are planning on hiring bikes for the day and exploring the island by cycling so I imagine these are the shoes I will wear for that!

New Look - White Lace Up Hi-Tops £12.99

Next we have possibly my favourite purchase so far! These multi-coloured sandals are just so beautiful! I love everything about them. I love the little charms that dangle from the chains and I love the gold detailing that just adds so much to these sandals. They are perfect! Not something I would usually choose but they just jumped out at me in the shop and I adore them! (I apologise already for so many photos! I just love them).

New Look - Wide Fit Light Blue T-Bar Printed Sandals £22.99

Last but certainly not least we have the second pair of actual sandals I bought. 75% of everything I have bought for this holiday has been mint/green/blue so it just wouldn't be right if I didn't buy sandals to go with the apparent colour scheme, this is where these beauties come in. I love these too and they were a bargain! It was so hard to choose between these and the ones above so I thought, 'why not, i'll just have both'. These have a slight heel to them and have a very sturdy sole which is perfect. Again, the gold detailing is just beautiful and I could not put these back on the shelf, they had to come home with me. The material feels very strong and these are super comfy.

New Look - Turquoise Metal Trim T-Bar Sandals £15.99

So with all these shoes, the only struggle I am set to face is which to wear every day! Let me know which are your favourites in the comments section below!


  1. I have the plimsolls at the top :) But they really hurt my heels.

    The sandals are really pretty.


    1. Oh no! I've found them to be really comfortable :) x

  2. I love the plimsolls and the rainbow flip flops, so pretty :) x


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